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Thursday, February 20, 2014


There are days when I savor the time spent laying with Aspen before she goes to sleep. We've survived the get-ready-routine, enjoyed reading books, and had a talk about her day. We're cuddled under her blankets and she's finally given me the okay to rest my arm after tickling her back for eleventy billion hours. She gets quiet and just looks around her room. Or she has whispered conversations between herself and one, or all four, of her invisible friends.

Some days it's hard for me to stay quiet and still with her. Sometimes I'm tired after a long day and want a few minutes to myself. I want to leave Aspen to fall asleep with the dog and get going on some of the tasks I have that are easier to do without a toddler's help. Sometimes it feels like I don't get to decompress or unwind soon enough.

But those other days, when I find myself savoring that time with Aspen, I remember to tuck it away for later. I remember what it feels like to watch her eyelids get heavy. I remember to listen to the change in her breathing as she falls asleep. I remember what her squishy little cheeks look like against her pillow or hands tucked under her face.

And I think about how awesome she is going to be as someone's big sister. She has so much to teach me, her mother, that I can only imagine what she will teach her younger brother. I don't doubt that for a while, he will absolutely worship her. They're going to be so lucky to have one another (so help me, THEY WILL BE FRIENDS).

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