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Friday, March 21, 2014

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

The end of this month marks a year in our neighborhood. I honestly have a hard time believing it has been so long. I feel so comfortable and happy here, and still occasionally find myself marveling at this place when I drive the tree-lined streets.

I love the way the sunrises and sunsets look over the mountains we see on either side of our house. I love the pine trees that line one side of our neighbors' yard, and which are filled with birds that seem to know I appreciate them keeping their songs quiet until 7am (if they sing before then, somehow I'm missing it!). I love being honked and waved at when neighbors see me and Aspen walking through the neighborhood. I love hearing kids playing up and down the street in the evenings after dinner. I love that when Maddie occasionally escapes our yard (the wind blows our back gate open!) she is always kept safe by a neighbor until I track her down.

This is an amazing community we were lucky enough to join. Our family strolls are often longer than planned simply because we get to stop and talk to so many people as we go. It is a wonderful feeling to be embraced like this; to know that if we stopped emerging from our home, people would take notice.

I'm still trying to reciprocate whenever I can, but I feel like I'll never catch up with all the neighbors who welcomed us and who continue to provide service to our family. I'm so grateful for the play dates and the babysitting and the treats that have been exchanged between our family and others in the community. I even received a large bag of baby clothes this month that will keep our little one dressed for at least his first year of life. Something I really value is knowing that I'm on someone else's radar. Does that make sense? It's nice not to be skipped over or forgotten.

Thinking of our kids (kids?! Eeek!) growing up in this city is exciting. I didn't stay in any one town for very long growing up, so it's always interesting to me when someone is born and raised in the same area most of his or her life. Aspen and her brother might actually stay in the same school district from start to finish and that boggles my mind. What will it be like not to be the weird, new kid in school every couple of years?! I can't even imagine.

And yes, there's always the possibility we won't stay here forever. I know that. But we're so hopeful that if we do have to move (or rather, are lucky enough to say goodbye to this horrible split-entry that we hate so much) we can stay in the same neighborhood. We wouldn't be the first family to do so!

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  1. I'm so glad you live in such a great neighborhood! I can't believe it's been a year! It's funny because just today on my way home I was thinking "living in FL isn't so bad, I really do like it here", then I read your post and my first thought is "I want to live somewhere like that, let's move to Utah!" Hahahaha! No wonder Jim gets so annoyed.

    1. I know what you mean! If only we could pick and choose our favorite parts of all the places we've lived and combine them into a MEGAPLACE or something.

  2. Just saying hi. :) Everyone was elated when you purchased that lucky house of yours. So happy to have been your neighbor. I remember when you first moved in I saw you out raking the leaves from the previous fall and I thought "Wahoo a new neighbor. I want to be friends with that girl, she knows how to get a job done!" Then I noticed the disaster cleanup truck and thought you were some professional sent to clean up the yard for the bank or something. Haha. So happy when I actually met you and realized you were staying! And to be your friend, yay!


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