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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March Birchbox

My second Birchbox arrived a couple weeks ago and I was psyched to see it reflected the preferences I'd selected since the last one came. I did love a lot of the items in the first one, but it was nice to receive some products catered to my tastes.

I really wanted to try the Stila lip glaze, and I got a great blush/purple "fig" color to swipe on my lips this month. It's very subtle and it holds up well- even after eating a snack. A definite plus when I feel like all I do is graze throughout the day to stave off heartburn and nausea.

And in anticipation of the continued sunshine, Birchbox sent along Supergoop's SPF 30 serum that I slathered on the next time I went to work. It's warm enough that I take the daycare kids outside to use the playground and I end up standing in the sun a lot so I can still keep my eye on the door. I love having a sunscreen that isn't too oily to use on my face, and that will go on under my make up without feeling like yet another heavy layer of junk. This stuff was light and definitely kept me from getting burned as I played outside with the kids.

Something else I loved in this month's box is the Jergen's Body BB cream. I used a BB cream regularly last summer on my face but then I got lazy. I've kept it on my back burner for the last little while, but with my winter skin looking sad I need to do something to wake it up and help it feel fresh again. This BB cream is for all-over use and it provides really sheer coverage, which is nice. Unfortunately, the sample sent by BirchBox didn't last five days, which is the minimal usage time Jergen's recommends for visible results. So I have no idea if it is actually an effective product. Oh well.

Next month is my last box, and I'll be sad to no longer get as much fun mail. But I definitely don't need to keep getting products that may just pile up as I forget to use them all. And believe me, my pregnancy brain makes that a very likely outcome.

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