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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Our first Kiwi Crate!

We got our first Kiwi Crate in February and Aspen went to town! Kev worked on the window clings with her and he said it was a lot of fun. It's just puff paint and Elmer's glue, traced on patterns supplied by the crate. Who knew? They dry for 24 hours and then you peel them off the pattern and stick 'em on various surfaces throughout the house (if you're Aspen that includes the fridge, dishwasher and sliding glass door). I made one more with her last week and I think it definitely needs to stay a "DADDY ONLY" craft because it stressed me out. Ha.

Kev also worked on the polar bear snowball toss with Aspen. Seth was over for Sunday dinner and they pulled the crafts out to keep her occupied while the chocolate cake cooled. It was a welcomed distraction so she'd stop asking about CAKE. The polar bear ear headband is wicked cute, too, even if Kev did put the ears much too close together. Come on, dad! Get with the program.

It was so convenient to have all the supplies included in the crate because, man, I don't have the energy to add craft stores to my list of things to do. Plus Aspen loves checking the mail everyday to see who's getting what (even if it's junk mail). She now recognizes the names on our mail and seeing her own name spelled out on the Kiwi Crate made her day when it came.

I'm really glad we signed up for this, and that Kev basically christened the first box and deemed it worth the purchase. Yippy! Also, the good news is that select Target stores are now carrying versions of the crate so when our subscription runs out I'll still have the option of buying a single crate from time-to-time. I think they're smaller (i.e. include less goodies) so they cost less, which is fine by me!

If you've thought about signing up, I definitely recommend it. You can even add sibling extras so there are enough supplies for more than one child in each box. I'll let you know what we get next time!

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