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Friday, March 07, 2014


When we had those gloriously warm, 50-60 degree days earlier in February I kept thinking about how we should go to the farm, the zoo, ALL THE PARKS. But I think we mostly hung out in our backyard and I worked some extra shifts. So none of that happened. When I spotted another break in the weather approaching, I decided we'd snatch it up and go to the zoo. Gotta make good use of our pass before it expires!

I really enjoy not telling Aspen we're doing something until right before we're about to do it. She gets so excited! It's hard not to tell her when she wakes up because the first thing she usually asks is "Where we going today?!" I'm not sure if this is a good habit she's into or not. Most days we are actually going somewhere so I suppose it's my fault she expects it.

I think we spent almost three hours at the zoo, which is great since we needed the fresh air after a few rainy days. Plus I had kept Aspen home from dance class because she coughed like, three times in the morning. Turns out she didn't need to cough the rest of the day... so yeah. We needed this outing to get us both rejuvenated and exhausted.

Aspen also went down the lighthouse slide for the first time and I was so excited. She went through a long annoying phase of being terrified of slides. And there was no way I was going down a tunnel slide with her so I'm glad she figured out how much fun it is. I'm sure it helped that she had two little friends to go down with her.

Also, word on the zoo streets is they're getting a LION! And Zebras! After their initial acclimation period the exhibits will open and it'll definitely step up Hogle Zoo's game.

I'm so thankful Spring is coming because I'm planning on it to help me out of my funk! I know we're up and about and doing a lot of things each week, but it doesn't feel real unless a lot of it is outside!

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  1. We have been having an early spring spell of warm weather here in the PNW and it has been really nice. Sunshine makes a huge difference for me too!

  2. Perfect temps lately for the zoo! Maybe we should try to go before it's summer & blasted hot plus have a new baby. And it's good your active and stay busy :) nothing wrong with that but every once in a while lazy days are nice too.

  3. What a lovely day! I miss those times, taking my kids out on fun outings, when they were small. Enjoy! <3


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