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Thursday, April 17, 2014

8 Months Pregnant/My Body is a Mega Jerk

It seems I've developed an aversion to drinking water. As if things haven't been weird enough this pregnancy... I dunno, I guess I'm just doing everything wrong!

I usually drink water every day, all day. In the mornings I like a nice tall glass of OJ, but then I'm all about my Nalgeen full of H20. The last few days, however, I find myself feeling sick to my stomach after drinking water. And I'm not talking huge gulps; I'm talking even just a little sip upsets my stomach.

It's the strangest thing ever. Especially since I forget and take my water bottle with me to work and drink it throughout my shift. Then I find myself wondering why I feel like throwing up. Or I'll be at home and take a nice, cold drink of water from the fridge and feel like throwing up. Or I'll grab a sip at a drinking fountain while out and about and, you guessed it, feel like throwing up.

Other drinks are fine... I can stomach juices and Sprite and the almond milk I use on my cereal. But water = barfy.

The baby doesn't really need any water for the next two months, right? Maybe I'll just start sucking on crushed ice to see if that makes a difference.

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  1. That's strange that you can have other liquids and it is a water, specific, problem. PREGNANCY! Sigh.

    1. I suppose it could be worse. I wouldn't like to imagine in what ways, though.

  2. Ugh, pregnancy is so stinkin' hard! And I swear, the last trimester is totally the worst. Just do the best you can, Liv, and hopefully it'll disappear as mysteriously as it began. Good luck and take good care!


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