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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

A Baby Sprinkle

SueAnn asked if she could host a little baby shower (aka a "sprinkle!") for me in March, and I was so grateful she offered. I have kept a lot of the baby equipment from Aspen's infancy, but it's always nice to have a little help gathering up items for a new baby, especially so many years later and for the opposite gender. Additionally, I love a reason to get together with friends and eat food (now that I'm taking Prilosec and can actually eat...).

Speaking of food- SueAnn was so considerate of my lactose-intolerance and kept checking in with me about what I can and cannot eat. Years ago she gave me the dairy-free chocolate cupcake recipe, so she knew she was going to treat us all with those. It was just a matter of finding the perfect, no-fuss topping after that. She finally settled on letting a marshmallow melt on top of each cupcake and it was an awesome choice. AND SO EASY. I was so thrilled to be able to eat anything from the spread she set up without worrying about ruining my life.

Another plus for this shower was that the date we settled on happened to be the weekend my mom was in town. I was happy that without too much trouble, both she and my sister were able to attend, plus some friends from my college days! It can be so hard to coordinate schedules now that we're all busy with work, family, schooling and other responsibilities. Y'know, just busy being regular grownups and all that. Plus, this was the weekend Kev and I planned an overnight, teeny-tiny baby moon so it was a little hectic even for me. I blame my pregnancy brain for trying to cram so much into one weekend. But it worked out perfectly and I'm so grateful.

I love the paper mobile SueAnn made for me!
Just like the baby shower Mandi and Nikki hosted for me when Aspen was born (which, apparently, I never blogged about), this one was super-casual and laid back, i.e. totally my style.

It wouldn't have been a real baby shower without someone creating something amazing out of diapers, right? I always rely on a simple diaper cake, but Traci (who's married to SueAnn's brother Randall, who is one of Kev's former college housemates) went a little beyond and made a diaper trike. It's basically a genius way of giving someone diapers and other goodies like swaddling blankets, creams and cuteness all in one. Love it.

I'm so grateful that although I've only lived here in this new city for a year, there were a number of generous ladies in my social circle who either came to the shower, or who have come by with gifts. And many thanks to my family for helping SueAnn and Traci set things up and take things down for the party!

And let's not forget old college roommates who trekked south just to spoil me with their company. Thanks ladies!

Now, if only poor Kev could magically find more time in a day/weekend so he could finish the closet project in the baby's slash our room. Then I could put away the mountain of Rubbermaid bins full of baby stuff and have the guest room back. I still need to show off the amazing, custom car seat cover Amanda sewed, too, but that's in the storage room which is also an unpleasant place to venture into right now.

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  1. That looks so cute! Wish I could have been there... Miss you guys!!

  2. How fun! Glad you had one it is nice getting new stuff especially when it's a different gender.

  3. What a fun shower! That trike is so cute!


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