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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Another day at the farm

How about this amazing week?! I have loved it, especially since at the beginning of the week Aspen had a cold and we needed an outlet for her cabin fever without spreading too many germs. We were able to hit up the farm for the millionth time this Spring and I'll tell ya what, I can relate to the piggy.

We may have spent a little too long at the farm, though, because near the three hour mark Aspen was whining incessantly. I wouldn't mind carrying her around if she didn't insist on constantly being put down and then picked up again. That's what makes my back protest... and she doesn't understand. With that in mind, I'll probably wear her brother when he's born and still drag the stroller to places for Aspen to use.

I'm so thankful for the sunny, warm days we've been having. It's even better this time around in the new house because the guest room is finished and serves as a cool retreat when it's too hot upstairs. I foresee many an afternoon spent lounging on the bed down there, reading books to beat the heat.

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