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Thursday, April 03, 2014


Before Aspen was born, Kev and I took a quick trip to downtown SLC and enjoyed a little getaway. I often get the itch around Spring to do something like that, so we call it my birthday present and I justify spending the money to get away for a mere 24 hours.

This year it was no different. And when my mom mentioned that she was coming into town again, I decided to use her for babysitting Aspen and go ahead with an overnight for just me and my Kev. I found a nice deal on Expedia and booked us a night at The Little America. I tried to talk Kev into going to Midway again because I'm obsessed with The Homestead, but he wanted to finally see City Creek so we settled on SLC. I know, I know. City Creek has been open for two years and he never went until last weekend. INSANE.


Kev came home a little early on Friday afternoon and we headed to Little America. I spent way too much time deciding where we'd eat dinner, and then we drove to City Creek beforehand. I rarely go without Aspen in tow, so I really enjoyed strolling through the mall without anything stopping me. And I got to go into stores that have some invisible force field that usually trigger Aspen's scream reflex! It was amazing! Who knew you could walk through Anthropologie without wanting to pull your ears off?!

For dinner I had crowd-sourced some ideas via Facebook, but ultimately I kept going back to wanting Greek food. Weird, because the last time I had Greek was when our friend Ken brought us dinner in Aspen's newborn days. I think he brought us gyros or something quite "normal" when it comes to Mediterranean fare, but for some reason the memory of it kept coming back to me. Kev had recently eaten at Aristo's with some friends, so we made reservations right before going.


I went all out and got some lamb ribs served on fries and if I hadn't been too self-conscious about being one of those people who photograph their food, I would have photographed that plate. It was another kind of delicious that totally hit the spot and it was presented beautifully. Aristo's recently underwent some renos and the space was so bright and quiet while we dined. I loved it. And that lamb was so good that before 10 the next morning I was eating the cold leftovers in our hotel room. Or, more accurately, on the sidewalk outside our room because Kev couldn't stand the smell of garlic that early. Haters gonna hate, yo.

After (my) second-breakfasts, we packed up and went back to City Creek to spend the rest of our day. I liked seeing everything with someone who's never been before; it's like how I felt all those times I took people back to Maine with me for the first time. Everything is shinier!

We had our lunch at City Creek and headed home so I could get ready for the baby shower later that night. Although we were actually gone less than 24 hours, it was a much-needed break for me. I did not once text or call home to check on Aspen (nor did I receive any communication from my mom about her the entire time we were away). It was so nice to be just ME and not MOM for a little while.

And even though it was pretty hard to talk myself into putting on a swimsuit at 29 weeks pregnant, I'm glad I did that, too.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful time! Glad you took advantage of your mom being here. And crazy about Kevin and City Creek!

  2. Yay! That sounds so fun! Perfect little getaway! And you should never be upset to wear a swimsuit when you"re pregnant, it's the only time you can wear one, look terrible, and it's okay! :)


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