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Friday, April 04, 2014

Birthday Hoot-Loot

When my mom was in town she said she'd like to take me maternity clothes/birthday shopping, so we wandered through Ross and Old Navy and had some success in both departments. I previously had two pairs of real maternity jeans that fit, one pair of slacks for work, plus a pair of leggings that I would wear when I felt desperate. It was nice to pick out another two pairs of bottoms, plus a skirt and some tops to round out the wardrobe a bit.

Gail said Marc also wanted in on the birthday action, so before leaving Ross I looked at some of the d├ęcor items. I found this little green owl and decided he'd fit the bill. Aspen named him "HOOOO." So when you come over, be sure to say hello to HOOOO.

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