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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Deck the walls

My mom was in town a couple of weeks ago and I meant to hang this painting in the guest room before her arrival buuuut... I didn't. I managed to get it up for the following weekend though, when my sister came up again from BYU and stayed for part of General Conference.

Now that I've finally painted the second coat on the entryway (which I started in July last year HA!) I can start the process of creating a gallery wall in that space. I've slowly been pulling our art out and hanging what I'd like in various parts of the house before concentrating on the entry. I also have at least half a dozen pieces to print and frame before I can start mapping out the gallery arrangement.

Since so much of our art has been packed the last two years, I feel like tossing some of it and starting over. If I haven't missed it since it's been gone, then isn't it time to find something more inspiring? Thankfully everyone and their dog offers free printables online these days and there's a lot of small stuff to supplement what I think I will keep. I'm just so tired of bare walls! Aspen's room is so darling and I told her I was jealous she has painted walls with pictures hanging up and that it's so cute. She told me my room's cute, too, but I think she was just being nice.

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