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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It is your birthday.

Well. I turned 30. And I felt so depressed about it!

It was just an off week, I guess. I didn't feel like doing anything (meaning, cooking/cleaning/child rearing/dog walking/etc...) and Kev was working extremely late nights the whole week. We hardly saw each other and I was feeling worn out from a stretch of solo-parenting. Aspen was having one of those weeks when she basically refused to play by herself for even ten seconds, so it made for long days of entertaining her for ALL THE HOURS.

I did buy myself Bringing up Bébé, which is a book I read when Aspen was a few months old (and I wish I had read before she was born). It has some philosophies that resonated with me the first time I read it, and I wanted to have my own copy to reference for the second time around. Thankfully, the book arrived on my birthday so I actually had something to open. And I exercised enough restraint to save the card my mom sent earlier in the week so I had that to open as well.

Delicious, lactose-free cupcake!
Aspen and I went to our regularly-scheduled park play date on my birthday, too, and all the ladies were so sweet- Kim and Maren even brought me some treats and we enjoyed chatting and eating popsicles in the beautiful weather. It was a nice break from being Aspen's sole playmate 24/7. For some reason she doesn't understand that I'm old and lazy now and don't have the energy to play like a three-year old who gets 11 hours of sleep every night.

Even though Kev was working ridiculously late, he still stopped at the store on his way home the night of my birthday and left some flowers and The Hunger Games DVDs on the counter for me to find the next morning. He even wrapped the movies, which I know is the last thing I'd want to do at midnight after a 16-hour workday. But it was a fun surprise and made up for the fact that on my birthday I had to help Aspen make me a birthday card since he couldn't be home to do it with her. It was only annoying because she demanded my involvement, but I wasn't allowed to look at it while she cut out shapes, wrote words and glued things together. She obviously over-estimates my artistic abilities. I can't help do those things very well with my eyes closed! Bless her heart, though, the cards turned out well anyway.

I don't know why I always get so depressed on my birthday; it's really very silly. Especially since my brother offered me free babysitting, date-night money AND a two-pound bag of Twizzlers as a present. And since Kev had to work so late, his supervisor said the company would send us out to dinner to make it up to me. That, combined with all the phone calls, texts and FB well-wishes should have made for a great day. I guess it's just one of those things... I want to celebrate and have fun but something always comes up to prevent that from happening and I'm a big baby about it. At least there's another birthday next year so I can try again!

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  1. Awww! I'm sorry you weren't happy on your birthday. It sucks that Kev had to work. Tell that brother of mine to take you to out for dinner on the company dime ASAP! Jim had to go out of town for work on my birthday one year and I was a HUGE baby about it, so I totally understand. :) Every year I feel like my birthday should be this special day that's so much different from every other day, but it rarely is. Lol!


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