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Monday, April 14, 2014

New things for a new baby

Amanda offered to sew some stuff up for me so the new baby would have some new things. I'm all about the hand-me-downs (the majority of Aspen's things were already well-loved), but I think it's also nice to have a handful of items that are special and new. She took a part my old car seat cover and used it as a pattern to create this new minky/polka dot one. I had a lot of fun picking out fabrics with her, even though, as someone who doesn't sew, it was a little overwhelming to browse a fabric store.

She also made a canopy for my car seat, which is not something I had for Aspen. I like the idea of one to keep people's hands out of my baby's face, though. And it will be helpful when I'm dragging a sleepy baby around who needs less distractions in order to nod off.

What I really really really love are the little blankets Amanda made. I couldn't decide which fabric to buy so I just kind of bought them all. They were like, a million percent off at Joann's, so why not? And it'll be nice to have some blankets that aren't pink, since I was basically planning to use Aspen's old blankets for her brother. He won't know the difference! But yeah... like I said, it's nice to have a few things that were custom-made/purchased with my little barf buddy in mind and not his sister.

I'm really looking forward to having all the upstairs remodeling done so I can finally put away everything in the baby's room. I have all these great pieces but have yet to see them all together and I'm getting anxious!

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  1. Way cute! Fabric shopping is hard too many choices. And it's always fun to have new things for the baby whether it's the same gender or not :)

  2. All of those are really cute! That was really nice of your friend to share her talents! I don't sew either...all that seems quite overwhelming to me. Ha!

  3. Love that car seat cover! The bright colors are so fun and cute. I wish I had had one of canopy things when I was toting around babies. I think they're genius. What a great friend to sew all those things for you!


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