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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Over the weekend...

Easter was nice this year; very low-key but we still covered all the important basics. I talked with Aspen about Christ's resurrection and what an egg hunt symbolizes. Then she got to do a two-minute search for eggs Sunday morning before church... in the living room. It was pretty much all I had energy for, but she obviously thought it was amazing even if I felt like it was lackluster.

Growing up, I remember getting a few key essentials on Easter, like a chocolate bunny. I never got a lot of toys or books or clothes. And I'm okay with that. Thankfully, Kev is also okay with not going all out and not treating Easter like Christmas. I think I spent about $12 on Easter stuff for both Kev and Aspen. Chocolate bunny? Check. Jelly beans? Check. Piggy bank money? Check. A couple of small toys? Check and check! Everyone kept asking her if the Easter bunny came to her house, and every time she replied, "NO MY MOM HID EGGS WHILE I WAS SLEEPING!!" So, uh, sorry if my kid tells your kid there's no such thing as the Easter bunny.

When we were outside BBQing with Seth later that evening, our neighbor Michelle came to our shared fence and told Aspen she had a surprise for her. She had hidden a few eggs in our front yard (filled with coins!) for Aspen to find. So we all went and watched Aspen hunt around for eggs again and it was so much adorable.

We live in such a great neighborhood that takes such good care of us. Just these little things make me feel so loved and so happy here.

And I can't forget one of the highlights of the day- Aspen's old infant swing (the kind that straps the kid in) finally broke after a couple of years of surviving the elements, so we pulled the big-kid swing out of storage and Seth hung it up for Aspen. She kept falling off and screaming about it, so Seth joked that she should put on her helmet.

So of course she did it. She put on a helmet TO SWING. It was so hilarious. I was finishing up dinner inside and I asked Kev to pretty please get the camera and capture this aspect of our daughter's personality. You might not think it of Aspen unless you know her well, but she's so timid! She knows how to speak her mind and pitch a fit, but she's a scaredy cat when there's the possibility of even the slightest threat to her person.

She continued to wear the helmet while going down her slide, riding in her police car and zooming her trike around the backyard. Safety first, I guess. She's such a cute little weirdo.

It was such a nice weekend, and I'm so grateful that although Kev worked straight through the night on Friday (he didn't get home till 530 Saturday morning!) he was able to spend the rest of the weekend with us without any work calls to interrupt the festivities (meaning: yard work and painting, ha!).

I'm looking forward to many more warm, sunny days ahead!

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