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Monday, April 21, 2014

Something new at the zoo

I've had a Hogle Zoo pass for a really long time now, and have used it regularly. However... I've never taken Aspen inside the reptile/bat/tiny kitty exhibit. Y'know the one- it's humid and stinky and there are lots of annoying doors to be pushed open while navigating a stroller.

But when we went to the zoo and met up with Nikki, we braved the stink and heat and checked out the creatures inside.

I've never actually seen the tortoises do anything before, so I'm really glad we went in this time. Not only did each tortoise move, but one was drinking! And swallowing! And then they all lined up together like a cute little family! It was darling. I sent this picture to Kev and he asked which in the turtle family was him. Hint: NOT THE FAT ONE, THAT'S FOR SURE.

We also saw the new meerkats and these cute, teeny tiny little sand cats. I don't know if they're still kittens or what but, man. So cute. Aspen could not tear herself away from them. She kept saying everyone was being too loud and she couldn't enjoy the kitties.

I have loved having a pass to the zoo because it doesn't matter how long we stay each visit. I feel like we got our money's worth after the first month because we went so often. Now we can just go for a couple of hours, browse whatever we want and go home without feeling we wasted our time or money. I love outings like that.

And it's always fun to get together with old friends. I'm so glad Nikki and I were able to coordinate our schedules and meet up last week.

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