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Monday, April 28, 2014

The dreaded Momiform

Last week I finally gave up. I unclenched. I wore yoga pants TO A PLAY DATE.

This was no easy task for me. For some reason I feel like I have to be dressed for reals all the time. And wearing some make up. Even when I'm laying on the couch fighting nausea. Even when I'm 34 weeks pregnant and there are only half a dozen items in my closet that fit. Even when it's 6pm and I've had a long day and want nothing more than to put my pajamas on. I feel like I at least have to stay dressed until Kev comes home so there's proof I had a productive day. And when Kev doesn't get home until well after everyone's bedtime, that's just one of many reasons why my thinking is irrational.

But last week. Man. I couldn't take it anymore. I only have one pair of maternity shorts that fit really well. And with the weather being a lot cooler lately, I don't want to wear them and freeze. So I put on yoga capris after work and went in public with my child. It was hard, but SO COMFORTABLE.

This week at work I'm going to give in, too. I'm doing some extra hours and the thought of wearing my less-than-comfortable maternity slacks while picking toys up off the floor for six straight hours is not appealing. We're not allowed to wear jeans, so I can't even wear my one pair of comfy shorts if the weather warms up.

I'm not sure why this is so hard for me; I mean, I used to be a yoga instructor so I wore yoga clothes all the time. But perhaps the difference is that when I was wearing them, I was going to and from work. It was like a uniform, and not just what I threw on because I couldn't be bothered to put together an actual outfit. Now, wearing my yoga clothes feels like admitting defeat.

I don't remember it being this difficult to dress my pregnant body last time. I've only gained half as much weight this time around, but I know I am carrying it very differently. This baby is much lower and that means maternity pants with just a big elastic waist are constantly cutting into the baby space. It's super-uncomfortable. As much as I hate the full-panel maternity pants that I'm constantly readjusting right under my boobs, they don't put as much pressure on my abdomen so I'm more comfortable wearing them.

So if you see me in yoga pants the next couple of months, please don't hate. I'm already beating myself up over it (unnecessarily).

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  1. Ugh I hate full panel maternity pants/capris. I've never wore them until this pregnancy because I gave all my maternity clothes away so I found three pairs for $5. I don't think there's anything wrong with you liking to be dressed with make up :) but yoga pants definitely sound way more comfortable. Ha probably the last few months I hate getting dressed... Limited selection and what do I want to squeeze my fat belly into and it's to the point where my maternity shirts are getting short.

    1. It is definitely depressing to look at my wardrobe choices right now. A couple of weeks ago I had to start wearing Kev's shirts to bed because none of my old college tees cover my belly anymore. SO SAD.


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