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Friday, April 11, 2014

Watercolors by Ashmae

I recently won a giveaway from xo, lauren and jane and I was so excited when the prize arrived. Three winners were chosen, and we each chose a book from those written and illustrated by Ashley Hoiland (aka Ashmae). I knew of Ashmae when she had a shop hosted on Etsy, so I was excited to see that xo was offering her books, chock-full of her beautiful watercolors, to three readers.

I chose Animal Parade because I loved the variety the book offers. The illustrations didn't disappoint.

The text is still a little beyond Aspen's interest, but she still enjoyed sitting with me and going through the book a few times.

My favorite watercolor is probably a toss-up between the peacock and the giraffe. I don't know what it is, but lately I'm all about peacocks and giraffes. Perhaps all those visits to the zoo in the last year...?

I love having original, beautiful books in Aspen's collection. It's so much fun to have variety that includes real works of art like this. I wish I could purchase a copy of every book we borrow from the library that catches my eye like this. But then we'd be living in a house made of books because that's the only way we'd have room for all of them.

But that doesn't sound like too bad of a set up.

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