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Friday, May 30, 2014

A stitch in time...

I'm trying to be proactive when it comes to prepping for postpartum. And not just for any anxiety or depression I might encounter this time around, but in general. If there's anything I can do now when I'm of sound mind, bring it on!

After Aspen was born, I subsisted on s'mores pop tarts and frozen waffles for weeks until my mom came in to town and made a ton of food for us. I didn't have the energy to make any real food, and since Kev worked long hours, I didn't feel pressured to make dinner for just myself. With this baby, I can't eat crap food like that because they have milk in them, which my body refuses to digest properly. Lame, right?

So, this week I made freezer meals that I can pull out as back up if I feel too completely wrecked to make dinner. Most of them are large enough that once cooked they'll provide leftovers for at least one more meal time, so I'm feeling pretty proud of myself. I plan to make some pancakes and french toast to freeze as well so Aspen and I have some easy breakfast options too. It's nice having a baby this time of year because grilling multiple times a week will also be totally doable. It's amazing how much better I feel knowing there's already food in the house for the weeks following the new baby's arrival.

Next up on my to-do list is creating a guide for Aspen's Aunt and Uncle to survive a few days with her in the event I have the baby during the week. They've graciously agreed to watch her (if I can hang on until school is out and Anna's done working for the summer) and it's only fair they get advance warning regarding her OCD tendencies and six (YES, SIX) invisible friends. I just hope I don't have to pack bags for all those extra people/dogs!

Having little things done like this makes me feel like I actually have some control in an unpredictable situation. I just really want this postpartum experience to be different, so I'm doing all that I can to be prepared. I've also pulled out Aspen's newborn photos and looked through them with her to remind myself that babies are cute, even if they're a lot of work. 

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  1. That's so great you have made freezer meals. I have always wanted to make them... I have no good excuse except if would be more fun & easier if I had someone to do them with.

    And I totally agree it's nice feeling like you have some control. I think I did go a bit overboard prepping for Bentleys arrival but it was the only things I was in control of & it helped.

    By the way do you have a name for the little guy yet?

    1. I can't get the nursery ready yet so making food is the next best thing, I guess! We do have a name picked out, but I want to wait until he's born to put it all over the Internet.

  2. Liv,
    best wishes to you and your fam. great stuff on the blog. happy to hear invisible friends still exist. i dunno what else to add but have been following your blog and think its way cool.

    your annoying UV res hall door knocker,

  3. Thanks Matt! Don't worry, all these years later I can easily laugh about all the mornings you banged on our door at the crack of dawn.


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