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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Celebrating 9 months of pregnancy by chopping off all the hairs

It was way past time for me to get my hair cut, which is basically the norm. I get so exhausted just thinking about finding a new stylist that instead I get a crappy cut at a place like Great Clips and then I hate it so much I let it grow out for a year and consider going back to Great Clips again just to get it over with.

Thankfully I talked some sense into myself and didn't go back to Great Clips. But it's been a year since I had anything done and that is just unacceptable. My ends were so sad and my three-year-old highlights were still trying to hang on. I resorted to curling my hair on wash days and then wearing them out until my next wash because leaving it straight showed how bad everything was.

I did a tiny bit of research and picked a cut I liked and brought it with me to a stylist recommended by a friend. She totally nailed the style of the cut, and we confirmed the length when she had chopped the majority of my locks off. Unfortunately, she then proceeded to clean everything up and that meant the overall length kept getting shorter and shorter.

But, y'know, it's just hair and it'll grow out and I'll probably be lazy and go another stupid year before getting it cut again. The only downside of having this about two inches shorter than I planned is that I can barely get it in a ponytail. And for me, a ponytail is essential. I even shared that little tidbit with the stylist. I can't stand having hair in my face when I exercise or breastfeed or clean the toilet or garden etc... And I hate being a slave to bobby pins and headbands and all that. So I'm going to let myself mourn the loss of a legit ponytail for a little while even though I do like the style. I'll just rock the nubbin ponytail and it'll be an exciting day when I can get everything up off my neck during the 90+ degree temps this August.

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  1. Your haircut is super super cute! Also everything you said about hair cuts is exactly (EXACTLY!!) what I do. The only difference is I go to the local college and get it done. My mom recently had an intervention with me and begged me to find a real stylist because I am always unhappy. Haha! I am so happy to hear I have a kindred spirit out there :)

  2. That is a cute cut. It looks great on you. I am the same way with getting my haircut and needing to be able to put it in a ponytail. Can't stand hair on my neck when I am hot

  3. Thanks ladies! Even after a few days I'm still not in love with it. I'm really bummed about the length, but thankfully that is something that can easily be fixed as long as I don't mind waiting a couple of months.


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