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Friday, May 09, 2014

Closing in on 36 weeks

When Kev and I decided to get married, he didn't give me a ring right away. We had looked at some and he had picked something out, but we officially got engaged without one.

Meanwhile, I had this from NY&Co, but I wore it on my right hand (before the band got squished, this ring fit better on that hand). When people found out we were getting married, they asked if this ring was real. I laughed back then because it so obviously isn't.

With the heat we've had lately (I loved the rain this week!) my fingers have started to swell a bit. Wearing my real ring is comfortable until late in the day when I realize I may never get it off again. So I switched things up and put on this old favorite for one of my more "fat" days. It was fun to wear it and remember when people thought Kev had gone all out and designed some crazy unique ring for me.

Thankfully, I have quite the collection of cocktail rings, and even the wedding set of my great-aunt's, from which to choose when my own ring doesn't fit. I remember putting on Granny Do's rings late in Aspen's pregnancy because some of the clients at work actually asked me if I was having a baby on my own. Who does that?! Who sees a pregnant woman without a ring on and ASKS IF SHE'S GOING TO BE A SINGLE MOTHER?! So weird.


I'm glad I won't be pregnant most of the summer like I was with Aspen, because I'm already feeling like a fiery inferno with the heat we've experienced so far. Poor Kev is wrapped like a burrito at night while I toss and turn, throwing the sheet off every couple of hours so I don't melt.

Not much longer, though!

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  1. It's pretty! Ha and funny people asked if you designed it as your wedding ring ;) my fingers got swollen in the hospital so I took my rings off when we got home, not fun having rings stuck.

  2. By the way I can't believe your 36 weeks!! You don't have much longer at all. Will you get induced a week early or wait to go on on your own?

    1. I hope there won't be any need to be induced. I regret my induction with Aspen, so we'll see what happens this time.

  3. lol that's kinda funny! So cute that you're improvising a wedding ring. I'm bookmarking this idea for when I'm preggo.


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