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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Happy Birthday two months early

I had grand plans of getting Aspen a scooter for her fourth birthday. I had mentioned it to Kev and was all set to pay $20 or so to buy one off Amazon later this summer.

Then we spotted one at a yard sale last Saturday and I had my friend snatch it and take it over to Kev while I sat with Aspen and kept her from noticing. Kev successfully walked around with it while Aspen played with some of the other kids at the sale and we waited. Then Kev even had another friend walk around with the scooter for us while he came to find me and talk about some of the other things he'd found. I ended up being the lame parent who blew our cover after making our purchases and Aspen saw me with the scooter when I tried to get Kev's attention.

So, of course, we just gave her the scooter. And she had a lot of fun and frustration trying to ride it home. It's awesome that it's a three-wheeler (like I had hoped to buy for her) because it's not balance that's a problem- she's just having a hard time clearing the bolts on the back wheels and she's scraped up her ankles and heels a bit trying to avoid them. One of the things she really loves is that the scooter has a little zippered pouch on the front. Perfect for all her collections! Now she can stop on her travels and stuff every seed/twig/rock/berry/feather she finds into the pouch and I won't have to carry anything for her.

I'm really glad that although we ruined her only birthday surprise, it was well-received. When I asked her what else we could consider getting her for her birthday, she suggested Crocs or flip-flops. Which, funny story, I already messed up as well. I did order her some new Crocs and flip-flop style crocs so her brother could "bring" them to her when he's born. But I took a chance on the sizing and when they arrived I was so disappointed to see that they're GIGANTIC. There is no way they'll fit her teeny tiny feet this summer. And since I purchased them through a flash-sale site, I can't return or exchange them. I don't think they even had the size I need, anyway. So we'll hang on to them until next year (and pray her feet grow! She's been wearing the same crocs for two summers now and they're just barely getting snug). I need to get my act together since she's not having a friend birthday party this year and the present is going to matter a lot more! At least she's still young and in the grand scheme of life she won't be scared forever based on her fourth birthday experiences.

I know I could just redeem myself by purchasing Crocs full-price in a real store or from their site, but they are so expensive and I'm a cheapskate. I did end up finding a blue pair of Crocs-for-Target this week though, so hopefully she loves them. It's funny the lengths I'll go to get my kid what are probably the ugliest shoes on the planet. But she's obsessed with them! And they fit her well and they withstand a lot of abuse. Now that I've got the brother gift sorted out I need to focus on the birthday gift. I wonder if she'd like some more ponies... ??

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