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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Heroes' Day

Excited about her Junior Firefighter pin!
Over Memorial Day weekend, the fire department hosts an annual open house for the public, offering a free lunch, tours of the station, and a peek inside the fire engines. Aspen has never been to a station before, so I put it on my calendar as something to keep us busy while Kev (hopefully) worked on the master closet.

Despite the rain, we enjoyed the BBQ and stayed warm in the heated garage (I need one of those!) before taking a look around.

Truthfully, we spent the majority of our visit playing with the SNAILS on the sidewalk. Aspen is into bugs lately, and when she saw the dozen or so snails by the front door, she had little interest in anything else. She just kept picking them up and moving them from puddle to puddle. She was psyched when I pointed to one snail that had crawled over the entry to the station and was upside down above us. She couldn't believe it. I was at least able to talk to one of the fire chiefs for a while, and discovered he's also an east-coaster like myself. He actually lived in Portland, Maine for a couple of years and has been to my hometown of Freeport countless times. It's always nice to meet another transplant to Utah who loves both places (East and West) as much as I do.

I eventually dragged Aspen from her slimy friends long enough for her to get inside one of the engines. She spent mayyyyybe three minutes sitting in one, looking at all the equipment and pretending to drive until she shyly told me and the fire-fighter that she wanted to get down and play with snails again. SO HILARIOUS. The fire-fighter just laughed and lifted her out of the engine.

The only way I could get her to say goodbye to the snails was to point out that her shoes were soaked all the way through and we should probably go home for rain boots, and continue our snail hunt in our neighborhood. She really took that to heart, though, and snuck out of the house BY HERSELF while I was telling Kev about our fire station adventure. When I looked for her after a few minutes and couldn't find her inside, I about had a heart attack. Then Kev spotted her through the window, hanging around our front fence.

When I went out, she said she was just looking for more snails. I think it's time to take her to a bug museum or something. I don't have the heart to tell her that if I ever find a snail in our flower garden, I throw it into the street so it dies a slow, painful death and doesn't kill my plants. SHHHH.

Regardless of whether or not Aspen was actually into the fire station itself, I'm glad we went and met our local fire-fighters. I've been trying to explain to Aspen that they may look scary in all their equipment, but that they're a great group of friends who only want to help us. We actually bumped into a handful of fire-fighters in Sandy a couple of weeks ago at Cafe Rio and they gave her a sticker so thankfully she had at least one positive experience to draw on when we met the huge group of them on Saturday.

She was also pretty into the hot dog they grilled up for her, and the bag of Doritos she was able to choose. She kept saying it was neat they had something to eat that she really really really really likes!

Man, I love that kid.

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