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Monday, May 05, 2014

If it ain't broke, DON'T SUGGEST I FIX IT.

Who do you think is responsible for making cars go crazy right before they're due for registration?
Because, honestly, it happens every year without fail and I'm sure it's a conspiracy.

I love my car. It's a 2000 Honda and it has served us well over the years. We bought it at an auto auction for cheap and have continued our practice of living car-payment-free, which is helpful because the car needed some repair$$$ over the years. It's so much easier to sink money into car maintenance when there isn't a car payment on top of that.

Anyway. This year I'm all sorts of pregnant emotional and when my beloved Honda kept running into trouble passing inspection, I maybe cried about it a lot. I was so sick of dragging poor, patient Aspen to car shops after work and waiting waiting waiting. She is a super-good waiter, though, so at least I wasn't asking her to stop jumping off furniture or to stop whining about how boring it is to wait in car shops.

The thing... well, the thing is that every year, I more firmly believe that mechanics really are out to get the monies from unsuspecting victims. I'm not saying mechanics are bad people. Both my husband and my older brother are amazingly talented when it comes to working on vehicles and I know that is not a skill everyone comes by easily (hi, will someone please tell me where the dipstick is in my car? Because I only know where the dipstick is in the Geo Metro I used to drive in high school). But I think it's also a skill to tell someone their car failed because their wheel bearings are crazy when in fact, THEY ARE NOT SO PASS MY DANG CAR. I get it, though. They are a business, a business that depends on fixing cars to make revenue. I just wish they only suggested repairs that actually need doing.

Thankfully, after two failed inspections and driving to two different places to get my engine codes read, Kev got the car up to snuff and I had it passed at Jiffy Lube. Where, I might add, the gentlemen who assisted me were so pleasant I wanted to ask one of them to marry my little sister so I could welcome them into the family. It was such a relief to finally get the car passed after days of agonizing over it (dang hormones), and having Kev waste his time tinkering with my car instead of doing more important things like actually relaxing for five seconds after a 12-hour work day.

Now I can live care-free until next April, when this happens all over again! Yippy!

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  1. Ugh cars are the worst sometimes! And I am with you on the conspiracy... Our cars always seem to have issues right before we have to do safety and emissions, too!


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