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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It's your lucky day - the baby's room

Kev has been robbed of a lot of his Saturdays lately. It's pretty exhausting for everyone. I know he's getting worn out from routinely working until 11p, and then getting calls on Saturday to respond to disasters on top of an already long week.

What's also frustrating is that it's significantly impeding progress on the baby's room and our master bedroom project. We're now about a month away from my due date and Kev hasn't even been able to start on our bedroom. Which means everything is still all over the house in total chaos because two weeks ago I emptied our closet in anticipation of Kev being able to get some work done.

The baby's room, however, could technically be ready to go. There's no furniture in it yet, but Kev did finish patching and painting the walls. He also textured and painted the ceiling, and created custom trim for the window, door and baseboards. It looks awesome. I'm looking forward to putting all the finishing touches in there... but we have to wait until we're done using the baby's room as ours while the master closet project is underway.

Before filling holes and touching up
It feels like the Pink House all over again! Everything is displaced and it's making me crazy. It goes against all my nesting instincts, as well as my natural desire to be in control of everything. I CAN'T CONTROL ALL THE THINGS AHHHHH. I just hate that it's a domino effect when you live in a house you're remodeling. Nothing can get done because it's all waiting on something else to get done. And Kev is so capable of doing everything on his list if he could just clone himself and be at home as often as he's at work.

It's to the point I feel like having an anxiety attack when he says, "Oh, that's easy, I can do that" because I know we don't have time for him to do that. I can't stand the thought of adding yet another project to his list when we could instead forget about it completely and move on with our lives (like buying a yard-sale item to refinish or painting a dresser for Aspen's room). I'm in survival mode; let's just get done the bare minimum of what needs to be done in order for me to feel less like a crazy person living in a maze of storage bins and building supplies.

Thankfully I can blame a lot of my crazy on hormones. And I intend to do so for as looooong as possible.

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  1. I can't wait until the day we remodel our own house! That being said, I also hating losing control and not doing things myself, so maybe I can wait a few more years. The trims look awesome!


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