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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It's your lucky day - front yard flowers (year two)

The last few weeks I've been getting a lot of work done in the yard. Aspen and I have had fun going to nurseries and picking out plants, as well as just giving some love to the ones we already have from last year, and from the previous owners (i.e. the giant lavender bush). I don't know a lot about flower gardening, but I have a small library of books I've accumulated over the years, which have been helping me feel less naive. Also, I'm going with a lot of the same plants that we had in Ogden which thrived all on their own. So I figured I can't go too far astray with proven winners!

We planted snapdragons last year, and I didn't realize they're not actually perennials. In Ogden they reseeded themselves beautifully so I was tricked! I thought they'd come back again this spring, but only two of the four or five I planted last year decided to come up again. I did a little more research this spring and purchased some columbine, bellis flowers and ballerina reds to fill the front flower bed (my red columbine is staked right now because it's too close to the existing sprinkler and can't handle the beating!).

Kev salvaged this bird bath from a job he did, and very early in the spring he stuck it in the front corner of our yard. It's the perfect spot for the teacup bird feeder, too, because we can watch all the action from our front windows. I have loved seeing all the fat birds come and gobble up the food! It's hilarious when the bullies stake out a spot and scare away all the other birds who try to venture over. Aspen has really enjoyed it, and it makes me so happy that even though I left the feeder out all winter and it broke into a few pieces, Kev glued it back together and it has held this spring. I promise I'll take better care of it this year. And maybe make another one because they're so cute.

Aspen and I also used this spot to plant sunflower seeds she received from her Sunbeam teachers at church. I wasn't sure if we'd get anything, but as the weeks have gone by, five sprouts have shot up. She's pretty excited about them, and I'm hopeful they'll last. They'll be a great complement to the hollyhocks we planted here, too. Kev thinks hollyhocks are kind of annoying because they reseed themselves so voraciously, but that is exactly why I love them. They're super low-maintenance and they invite hummingbirds! What's not to love? I'm psyched to watch them grow four feet tall and take over this corner of the yard. Wouldn't it be so nice to walk by and have sunflowers and hollyhocks waving at you over the fence?

This side of the yard, next to our driveway, is another huge accomplishment. Kev fixed the sprinkler system last spring so it was at least getting watered for the first time in who-knows-how-long after we moved in... but the plants were pretty sad. There were a few perennials already here that I don't know, and I added some hostas this spring to supplement. Also, while out gardening on Saturday, my neighbor brought over a clementine flower that she said has the potential to spread and come back each year. Yippy! There's a big dead stump right in the middle of this plot which made it difficult for me to arrange everything how I had envisioned, but now that the mulch is down it's less obvious that there's a lot of bare space.

I'm surprised I have so much to say about our flower beds... mostly I want to brag about how amazing it is I'm not just sitting on the couch fighting nausea non-stop. It's been pretty uncomfortable to do all this work while so far along in my pregnancy, but it's so worth it. The yard has come such a long way and I'm so proud of myself for not starting a project and then leaving it entirely up to Kev to finish (yes, I did let him haul the bags of mulch for me, but I totally spread a lot of it all by myself!). It's so nice to come home to a yard that isn't completely dead and disgusting, too.

Next up: I need to fill a big teal planter to place by the front door to distract people from all the cobwebs and peeling paint.

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