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Thursday, May 29, 2014

It's your lucky day - hanging out

One of the problems I encounter when doing even little tiny home updates (which, let's face it, is all I'm really capable of) is Aspen's reaction.

When we first moved into the house, I put our grey IKEA rug in my bedroom because it is too small for the living room. However, in the West Jordan rental, that rug served us well by the living room sofa and that's where it lived during the time we spent there. When Aspen saw that I had dared to put the rug somewhere else, she gasped and told me I did it wrong. She told me I needed to put that rug back in the living room, even though she had been with me and helped me pick out the new rug that was already on the floor in there.

So when I hung up all these hooks around the house, I don't know why I wasn't prepared for Aspen to freak out. I'm surprised she even noticed the dog hooks on the back of her bathroom door because THEY'RE ON THE BACK OF HER BATHROOM DOOR. The door was open when she used the bathroom, and I don't know what possessed her to look behind it and discover the hooks first thing in the morning, but she sure did. And she threw a big stink about it too. I had to keep my laughter to myself. I explained to her that she doesn't have to use the hooks, but they're in her bathroom so when guests come, there is a special place for them to hang their towels or clothes when they borrow her bathroom. Then I made the huge mistake of telling her we can just hang baby brother's bath towel on one of the hooks.

That didn't go over well, which is weird because I've talked with her about it before and she didn't care. I just need to accept the fact that Aspen is a tad OCD and a control-freak like me. And maybe I shouldn't do projects when she's sleeping so there's less shock for her to wake up to in the morning.

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