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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's your lucky day - painting furniture

Back in the day, Kev and I lived on campus at WSU. As part of one of my jobs, I received room and partial board as compensation for work. It was a pretty sweet set up, and I know Kev really loved it. He had free-reign to poke around abandoned dorms on campus and he had easy access to surplus items dumped by Facilities Management. Enter this desk. It's an old library study carrel, which is perfect for the girl who got a B.A. in English, right?

In our newly-wed apartment we had a crazy mash up of furniture. I needed a little desk of my own, so Kev and a buddy dug this out of a dumpster for me. It served me well in Wasatch Hall as a desk, and then as some more counter/storage space in the Pink House. I used it as a desk again in West Jordan, and here in the Lucky House it served a temporary stint in the guest room before Kev got a more functional (and also free) desk from work. So it's been sitting in the garage for a few months, just waiting for its latest reincarnation.

For the seven-ish (maybe almost eight?) years I've had it, I've always talked of refinishing it or painting it. It's pretty beat up and dented and the workspace is just a laminate. It's not super-fancy, although it obviously has fantastic lines and shape.

Even after all these years of dreaming about painting it, I was hesitant to take the plunge! I debated for a while regarding the color, and finally settled on something that will complement the other elements I plan to put in the nursery. And once I got going with the primer I was really excited to purchase a paint color and make it official.

After the first coat (pictured above) of Behr's Cool Jazz, I asked Aspen how she likes it. She actually used the word "caca" to describe it and went on to say it's not pretty. Which is surprising because blue (and its various shades) is her favorite. I'm glad I'm not painting anything for her room because, man, she's one tough cookie to please. And I know it's always a risk to paint furniture, but this jade blue will do a lot to freshen up the grey walls and dark blue carpet in the nursery. I'm definitely okay with the color, although I was really so-so at first.

This desk will serve as a changing table and I'm really looking forward to seeing it in the room. For now Kev is plowing through our master closet project and I'm pretty giddy about that as well. He's so freakin' talented I can barely stand it. When our bedroom is done (new closet, textured ceiling, paint throughout), we can put the rest of the house back together. It will be AMAZING. It'll be like a whole new house all over again!

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  1. I love it!--the color, the piece, everything! I can't wait until I have more space, so I can do stuff like this!

  2. It looks so great! I love that color!

  3. Thank you!! I'm so glad I finally did it.


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