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Friday, May 23, 2014

It's your lucky day - walk in closet

Earlier this week Kev moved all our furniture into the nursery so he could break through the wall of our existing master closet and start some serious demo.


It's so exciting to see more progress in our room and to know that we really are going ahead with it. Kev and I talked about the layout a couple of nights ago and stragetized the best way to use the space. We talked about the door situation (he's going to close up most of the wall facing the bedroom and leave a doorway) and we settled on a barn door to minimize the footprint the closet would have in the actual bedroom. Pocket doors are a huge pain, but an externally mounted sliding door will be AMAZING. I'm really excited about it, especially since there are a lot of inexpensive tips out there for creating custom hardware without spending $300.

Even though I can't fit into any of my clothes and I've pretty much forgotten what I own, I'm really looking forward to getting everything out of storage bins and putting it all away. Plus, it'll be a great opportunity to take stock and pare things down. And organzing all of it will hopefully quiet the raging nesting instinct that I've had to ignore the last few weeks.

Aspen and I went to IKEA to scope out wardrobes for the nursery, and I definitely found what I was looking for. I just can't buy it until we move out of the room and there's actually a space for it... For now I managed to clear two drawers in Aspen's dresser so the newborn clothes have a spot in case the baby makes his arrival before the room swap is done. It's such a relief knowing where some clothes are; I was dreading having the baby early and not being able to find any onesies amongst the chaos of our storage room downstairs. Sure, he might be sleeping in is pack 'n play out in the hallway, but at least he won't be naked!

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