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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Throwback Thursday

On Sunday Sophia and I were able to head to an old friend's house to celebrate her college graduation. It's so exciting to visit with friends like Brenn (and her family) because we go waaaaay back. When my family lived in Bountiful, Brenn's family lived a few houses up from ours in the cul de sac by BHS. Her family has kids that mirror the ages of the kids in mine and we had many fantastic sleepover parties/night game extravaganzas/mischief making adventures with that crew.

I'm so glad Sophia's out of school and living in SL County for a little while so she could go with me to see Brenn. It was wonderful to visit with Ron and Lalli and all the kids to catch up on life for a few minutes.

I can't believe that Sophia will be graduating next and applying for teaching jobs like Brenn. How are these girls old enough to be responsible for the education of little people?! I remember them being baby girls who ran around the neighborhood like hooligans, who took baths together and who ran up the street on Christmas morning to tell each other all about their new gifts.

*sigh* It makes a person feel old. I guess it doesn't help that I'm about to pop out another baby of my own.

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