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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

You can lead a horse to water...

I recently lamented on Facebook that it's exhausting trying to feed Aspen. She is a regular ol' toddler who wakes up and eats yogurt for breakfast one morning, but then chews it up and spits it out in disgust the next. It was making me crazy.

I usually approach meals with an easy-going attitude. For breakfast and lunch (if we're at home and not at work) I'll give Aspen two options. She can choose which one she'd like, plus some extras like berries or crackers or chips or whatever to go with it. It was working pretty well until she decided to pick something and then declare it the most disgusting thing ever the minute she put it in her mouth.

Why would she do that? Why would she happily pick a plain bagel for breakfast and then punish me for it by making me look at chewed-up food while I try to keep my own breakfast down? I know it's insane to ask for reasoning behind why a toddler does anything. I know they're all stocked up on crazy and don't mind sharing.

At dinner I was more stern, often letting her go "hungry" rather than make her a meal separate from what I had prepared for the rest of the family (i.e. me because Kev is almost never home for dinner). I know she's not actually starving, so I don't feel badly at all putting her to bed after she chooses not to even try the food on her plate. I'm working on getting to her just think about the foods she supposedly hates, which infuriates her because (in her words), "IF I THINK ABOUT THE FOODS ON MY PLATE I MIGHT ACCIDENTALLY EAT THEM!"

So yeah. I was exhausted. I didn't want any tips from anyone, I just needed to put it out there into the universe that I felt like tearing out my hair and running from the room every time Aspen said she was hungry. What was the point?! Why try to feed a toddler, anyway?!

Then the next week she turned my whole world upside down when SHE ASKED ME TO PUT SPINACH IN HER SMOOTHIE. And she asked for carrots as a snack. In the past when I have bought carrots, she told me she couldn't eat them because they're too crunchy. The next time, she told me I didn't buy carrots that were crunchy enough.

So she could have blown me over with a feather moments after reminding me to put spinach in our smoothie. And then you couldn't have revived me with all the face-slaps in the world when she ate half a bag of baby carrots in one sitting.

In case you were wondering, the population of Crazy Town is one, and it's my toddler.

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  1. Oh kids, you can't live with them and can't live without them. Hopefully she stays a less picky eater from now on :)


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