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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Aspen's first dance recital

Aspen had her first dance recital over the weekend and it was so adorable. She's been counting down the days all month long, and she was so excited the morning of that she came into my bedroom bright and early, apologizing that she couldn't wait to get up until the clock said 7:00. I can't blame her! It was a special day. It's just too bad Kev has been up so late the last week, working on the master closet. He'd really love it if Aspen would let him sleep in just a liiiiiiittle bit later than 7.

Kev and I didn't tell her we'd invited her Uncle Seth, just in case he had something come up and he wasn't able to make it. I'm so glad he gave us his Saturday morning because she thought it was wonderful when he surprised her and showed up to drive to the recital with us. And he brought donuts she was psyched to eat afterward. What dancer wouldn't love that?

Photo c/o Miss Elizabeth, Aspen's teacher
The day before the recital, one of the girls in my neighborhood volunteered to babysit Aspen as part of a school requirement. I used the time to grocery shop and find some flowers for Aspen to receive after her recital. I had a hard time with the $15.99 price tag of the bouquets, so I settled on a potted lily that matched her "Summer" dance outfit. And I figure she'll love to plant it in the yard when she's done enjoying it inside, so it's a better investment (only $5.99!!). Thankfully, the lily opened in the morning sun (it was hiding on the guest room windowsill) and it was so luscious and ready for Aspen after she danced. I was so relieved she loved it. She carried it all around the house when we got home and stuck her face in it to smell it. She was covered in pollen the rest of the day.

She also loved making a thank you card for both Miss Elizabeth and her son, who was in Aspen's class throughout the year. Miss E also gave each student a gerbera daisy and a certificate of completion, so it was a fun little ceremony.

Mostly, I think Aspen is really glad she can wear her recital costume whenever she wants now. She still wants it to stay perfect, though, and she takes it off completely whenever she needs to eat or go to the bathroom. But at least she can do it herself so I don't have to un/dress her a million times a day!

I am so happy that Aspen had such a wonderful experience this year with dance, and I'm glad Miss E is holding classes again in the fall. I'm also really relieved I got all my crying out of the way before the recital even started. I just got so emotional thinking about how hard Aspen had worked all year to prepare for this, and now it was finally happening. Plus, she looked so cute I could hardly stand it. So I had to have a little cry. Thankfully I kept my eyes dry during her performances so I didn't miss a thing!

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  1. The picture her teacher took of her making that silly face is SO CUTE! Good job, Aspen! Such a cutie!

  2. She is seriously SO cute!!!! Glad her recital went well!

  3. Thanks ladies!! I'm so proud of my tiny dancer for all the hard work she did.


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