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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day Questionnaire

Last year I did this little Q&A with Aspen, so I pulled it up again to see how her answers have changed since then. She sure knows her dad inside and out! I especially like that she knows the importance of good table manners.

Me: What is your Dad's name?
Aspen: Kevin!

M: How old is your Dad?
A: 16.

M: How tall is your Dad?

M: How much does Daddy weigh? How heavy is he?
A: 16.

M: What's Daddy's favorite food to eat?
A: Bananas, pineapple.

M: What makes your Daddy happy?
A: A big hug and kiss.

M: What is your favorite thing to do with Dad?
A: Umm, go have fun! Going somewhere fun. To the carnival!

M: What makes your Dad mad?
A: I don't know (she shyly answered because she probably knows he was mad she got up at 445a the morning we did this survey. FYI, Mom was pretty mad, too).

M: What's your Dad's favorite thing to do?
A: Play hide and seek with me!

M: What is your Dad good at? What can he do?
A: Juggling! He eats with his mouth closed, too. 

M: What does your Daddy always tell you?
A: Funny stories.

M: Why does Daddy love you, Aspen?
A: Because I'm in his family and I'm his favorite baby.

M: Anything else you want to say to your Daddy?
A: I LOVE YOU! And I have a few questions I want to tell you that you can send to Daddy. How tall is Daddy?

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  1. Haha, I love this! "He eats with his mouth closed" that's so rad!!

    1. That was definitely my favorite answer!

  2. She's smart to answer with "favorite baby" so close to her brother being born. Ha! She is a crack up.


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