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Thursday, June 19, 2014

It's your lucky day - board and batten update

In the midst of having a baby last week, Kev got a lot done in our room. While I was in the hospital, he went home and moved our bed into our room and put the rocking chair in the nursery. That way, when I came home the next day I had a comfortable place to nurse the boy and we got a start moving back into our room as he completed some painting. Seth came over for dinner on Sunday and Kev put him to work afterward moving our dressers back in, and moving the newly-painted changing table upstairs from the garage.

Some of the trim around the doors still needs to be painted, and Kev still needs to install the closet, but the room is mostly functional at this point. I don't know where I've packed away my non-maternity clothes, though, so I'm kind of just waffling between some shorts I found and my yoga pants... But the board and batten and fresh coat of paint on our walls is so worth it.

The room is so much brighter now, and once we get the pack 'n play moved out it'll feel more spacious, too.

Hooray for finishing projects (mostly)!

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