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Monday, June 02, 2014

It's your lucky day - master closet progress

Kev finally had a Saturday he didn't have to go in to work! It's a miracle! Although Aspen likes to describe those days as "baby work days" because Kev stays plenty busy doing house projects. Over Memorial Day Kev literally hammered out the framing and drywall for the master closet, and he installed the electrical for the light and outlets he added (to the closet and the nursery).

This is like, the best present Kev could give me (again). I'll be able to lay down in bed and look at my shoes, just like in the Pink House. No more looking in various rubbermaids, bags or dark spaces to find my clothes and accessories!

He also got a lot done Monday (a Holiday without a work call? That never happens!), sanding and prepping everything for mud. It was truly a miracle he didn't get called in to work. He even enjoyed a lunch-time BBQ I decided to have at the last minute with some of our friends.

The closet is mudded and sanded, and Kev floated all the walls to smooth out the orange-peel texture.

And like I mentioned, when we can move back in to our room, then I can move all the nursery stuff out of the storage room, and the guest room, and the laundry room. Which means we can then put all those rooms back together, too. And when all the construction is done, that means there will even be more space in the garage because materials will be used up and gone. Organizing is my favorite.

With those happy thoughts to fuel me, I even feel optimistic about having a newborn. Who needs sleep when there's a whole house put back together again?! Yippy!

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