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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Plus One

For our anniversary this year, we have a new baby. So... I didn't plan anything. And I knew Kev would want to use a Saturday free from work to get more done on our closet. So I didn't stress about not having something to do to celebrate.

Instead, I started the morning all by myself. I fed Lincoln early and figured Aspen would be up soon. When 7am rolled around and she didn't come out of her room, I went ahead and made myself a big, fat breakfast and took an uninterrupted shower while the rest of the house slept. It was so nice to have some time for myself before the day started (and not have that time be 5am).

As I went through my list of things to do throughout the day, I tried to consider it a celebration of my marriage. That made taking two kids to the store (for the second time this week! I rock!) more enjoyable. I looked at the life Kev and I have created and I relished it. Emptying the dishwasher? Hey, I fed my family today! Folding laundry? Hey, I clothed my family today! Buying toilet paper? Hey, I survived potty training my kid that one time! You get the idea.

We may not have been able to do anything fancy, but we did sit down and have two meals together. The kids and I did take a walk around our gorgeous neighborhood. Kev was home almost the entire day, even if he was busy with his project. It was just a great Saturday of us doing our normal things. And that was celebration enough for me.

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  1. You are wonder woman to go to the store 2 times with both kids and one of those being only a week old. You do rock! I think that is a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary, thinking on how blessed your life is as a family. A friend of mine likes to celebrate her anniversary with all of her family (husband+kids) because it is the day their family began, almost like a birthday. I am sure they also do something separate from the kids, but I like the idea of being reminded that it just isn't about celebrating the day you got married, it is also celebrating the day your family began. Congrats on 8 years! Side note, I really want to come down and meet your cute new baby sometime this summer.

    1. Alissa, come on down! I have to warn you, though, evenings are not a pretty sight at our house. So maybe a mid-day visit and we can have lunch with all the crazy kids running around my house.. ?? Let me know!

  2. What a beautiful way to celebrate! Happy Anniversary!


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