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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Teeny Tiny Pity Party

I know I will someday look back and laugh at this, but right now I feel like crying.

You may remember this little allergy I have to the cold. I mean... it's super-weird and it's much more mild than it has ever been, but I still have it. Basically, in high school I noticed that when I would hold a cold drink in my hand, or be exposed to really cold air/water, my skin would swell and I would get hives. They were super itchy back then, and it was a real beast when I ate cold foods because it made my tongue/throat swell too. So, kind of a concern.

I got on an antihistamine for a while and that helped reduce the symptoms. As the years went by, the allergic reaction became less intense, which is a huge relief, lemme tell ya. It's nice that these days I can actually walk out of the house in winter without completely covering every inch of skin to protect against hives.

Well, I'm now pretty pregnant (39 weeks) and it's been pretty hot. I'm experiencing a lot of swelling and it's uncomfortable, to say the least. So I figured I'd try my luck using some cold packs to reduce the heat-caused discomfort.

And then I got cold-induced, itchy hives.

I mean, seriously. Cold-induced hives?! What the heck is that?! And lactose-intolerance suddenly popping up in adulthood?! What the heck is that?! And now I can't eat cheese because my pregnant body is like I REFUSE TO DIGEST ALL THE DELICIOUS THINGS, OKAY?!

So... I just want to feel better after a difficult pregnancy. Even if it's actually not going to be better because I'll still have all the lovely postpartum healing to get through and the whole breastfeeding thing. You could say I'm ready for a different kind of uncomfortable at this point. Obviously this baby is unaware that I used to evict people for a living. So he better pay or quit, pronto.

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  1. Sounds like urticaria - see I suffered from it for a couple of years, never worked out what the trigger was. only idea my doc had was antihistamines which were no help. But when I was prescribed diclofenac for back pain, that fixed the hives too. The attacks gradually got less and less and now problem has pretty well gone. I don't expect that you can take diclofenac while pregnant, but pregnancy doesn't last forever (just seems that way sometimes).

    1. My trigger is anything super-cold! But yes, the lifespan usually ranges 10 years, and since I'm out of that window it is definitely a LOT better. It's so nice that it's less intense.


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