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Monday, June 16, 2014

The story of the due date that was correct, part I

I ended up having a lot to say about my experience last week, so I've broken it up into multiple posts. They'll go up at various times today and tomorrow.

I can hardly believe it, but I had a baby on my due date. WHAAAA??

On the 10th I started feeling contractions, and I let myself get a teensy bit hopeful that I would be having a baby that week. I had already spent one morning walking around the zoo that week, and another afternoon doing lots of lunges and squats with my free weights to see how I could naturally encourage things along. But the contractions didn't get more uncomfortable, nor did they get closer together. So I just got really depressed about being pregnant for another 100 years.

Before going to bed that night, I decided to be brave and take Aspen to our park play date the following morning even if I wanted to cry because I was still pregnant. And then Aspen got up at 445a and I let my pregnancy hormones get the best of me. I was so livid that she was up at the crack of dawn that I made her go back to her room every time she came in to mine, which is what we normally do with her when she comes out before her clock says 7 anyway. But I think she was so keyed up that it was the 11th, a day for which she had drawn a star on the calendar for her brother's due date, that she just couldn't contain herself. When 630 rolled around and I couldn't take it anymore, I locked Aspen in her room asking her to play by herself for a while and I got in the shower. All the while she was screaming "LET ME OUT UNLOCK THE DOOR!" on a constant loop that really did make me feel badly for her. But not badly enough that I hurried up in the shower. Kev eventually took pity on her and unlocked the door, but he made her stay in her room somehow while I finished in the shower.

He fixed her breakfast while I got somewhat ready, resentfully, for the day. I figured it would be better for me to go to park day and talk with other moms after having a rough morning with my dearest, darlingest daughter. I also hoped that, combined with getting up a four-freakin-forty-five, a couple of hours at the park would wear out Aspen so she'd take a nap. Which, I should know by now, will never happen so I don't know why I ever dare to hope such an absurd thing.

Meanwhile, my contractions were getting more consistent, even if they were staying about 10 minutes apart. I felt like that was too far to call my doctor's office, although they were starting to get uncomfortable. I had been keeping my sister-in-law Anna updated in case she needed to take Aspen that day, but I didn't think it would really get serious until later in the week.

Thankfully I was wrong!

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  1. That's so cool I didn't realize you had him on your due date.


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