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Monday, June 16, 2014

The story of the due date that was correct, part II

By mid-afternoon Aspen had used up all her TV tickets and I was running out of ways to avoid playing with her so I could breathe through the contractions without being distracted. It was hard to explain to her that the owies I was experiencing were different than the owies I'd had all throughout my pregnancy up until then. She was used to me complaining about the pains and problems, but they just became a part of our every-day lives that I did normal stuff with her all the time regardless. This was different, though.

I was using a contraction calculator but was still doubting myself. I'd go an hour with contractions regularly 10 minutes apart, and they were moderately uncomfortable. Having never gone into labor on my own before, I was just too nervous to make a judgment call that would throw everyone's schedules for a loop. Yes, Anna was planning to take Aspen that week but I still worried it'd be a false alarm. Yes, Seth would get Maddie after work and she's be cared for, too. Yes, Kev's office knew I was due that week so he could potentially cut out early and be with me. But I was still waffling. Additionally, I thought my doctor's office was closed on Wednesdays, so I didn't even think I could call them for an opinion. I had a 40-week (plus) checkup on Thursday morning so I wanted to just wait until then to be told if I was really progressing.

However, by 4pm I made a different decision. I'd go in to the hospital that day even if I was turned away after a quick check. Kev said he'd be able to leave work and Anna was more than accommodating to pick Aspen up for me as soon as she could. So since those bases were covered I called my OB just in case I could reach a nurse or PA or someone. When I mentioned that I was already 40 weeks, and having regularly-spaced contractions, they told me to go in and expect to have that baby soon. I was so relieved to talk to one of the girls there that I cried after I hung up the phone.


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  1. That's nice it worked out and you were able to get a hold of someone. I'm pretty sure my neighbor & father in law couldn't believe I was really having contractions and going to have a baby. My father in law even offered to stay at our house for a little bit but I was pretty confident they would keep me but had a tiny bit of doubt I may get sent home and then I would have felt bad having Shad come home from work early and my father in law drive up from Salt Lake.

    1. I was definitely not looking forward to potentially being turned away. Thank goodness it all worked out that night because I definitely wouldn't have had the energy to keep going another day.

  2. I had Evan on his due date too! (I was secretly ticked I went to my due date because I had been dilated for FOREVER!)

    1. I can understand that! I was so depressed on my 39 week appointment because I was only at a 2. I'd been at a 2 for a couple of weeks so I couldn't see any reason to be hopeful I'd go into labor early.


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