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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The story of the due date that was correct, part IV

When my nurse finally checked me, I was already at a 5. Granted, I'd been experiencing contractions for over 24 hours, but I hadn't thought they were serious because the first day was mild. And I definitely do not have a high threshold for pain. So I was pretty surprised to be told the good news.

Although labor went quickly and, overall, was pretty smooth. I had a few rough transitions. The placement of the epidural took forever. Of course, for anyone enduring rough contractions while getting a giant needle in their back it might feel like that after just a few minutes. But Kev reassured me it really did take nearly half an hour. My whole body was tense from hunching over a rolling cart and staying still during so many intense contractions. Just from the epidural episode alone I felt like I needed a body massage and a nap.

Once it was placed I had a few more troubles; I got some bad shakes and at one point the baby's heart rate dropped significantly. I had to wear oxygen and try to control my shaking enough to allow for deep breathing. I could also still feel the pain of contractions enough that the anesthesiologist came back after a while to give me another dose. Which, I'm sure, was great to help with the shaking. I also experienced a lot of nausea and made good use of the barf bags. I was very relieved I had only eaten a little yogurt for dinner instead of something more substantial.

Around 930p the nurse had just left my room, and I looked at Kev and suggested that mayyyybe, possibly, my water had broken. But who was to know for sure because I was finally numbing and couldn't feel much of anything? When my nurse came back she was surprised I had progressed further and she told me to hang on until my doctor could arrive. I was grateful the baby's heart rate had improved so their casual mention of a C-Section wasn't discussed further and we prepared for me to push.

I ended up pushing through one contraction and then through the space before the next came. Lincoln was born quickly at 9:59p and I was so shocked, again, to have a baby placed on my stomach. His delivery was so differet from Aspen's; he cried and cried and cried, whereas she was very quiet. I had to remind myself that his crying was completely normal. Lincoln didn't need any extra attention, either, so both Kev and I were able to immediately hold him and enjoy him without feeling like we were inconveniencing the staff (that was how it felt when I asked to hold Aspen after she was born). It was a nice change for both of us.

Overall, it was so nice to end the night with a new baby. Starting at 445 in the morning made for a loooooong day, but at least we got a lot done with all that time!

My recovery was a little rough, though, and we didn't get much rest that first night. I couldn't get over the shakes and I was sick a lot. I struggled to keep from passing out in my recovery room and let's just say I'm very grateful Kev is not squeamish because he witnessed a whole lotta ugly that night. I had a wonderful nurse as well who was so kind and supportive when I was falling apart and in need of so much help.

I think I only slept a couple of hours due to my discomfort. I felt so badly for Kev, sleeping on one of those stupid little chair-beds, listening to me cry. Since I had thrown up all my pain meds shortly after receiving them, I endured 8 hours without much relief before I could have another Motrin (there was no way of knowing how much I may have actually ingested the first time around.... so I got to wait). Although I was dead-tired the following morning, getting up for a new day was promising. Until breakfast came and the food service employee could neither confirm nor deny that my meal was lactose-free. Even after explaining that eating milk would make me sick, I didn't get any reassurance that I could safely injest any of the food that was brought to me. Super!

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  1. So sorry that you were sick it is good you only had a little yogurt like you said. And I can't imagine trying to get an epidural during intense contractions. That's amazing he was born after one push! Did you tear?

    I'm sorry your recovery was rough but sounds like Kevin was great & so was your nurse. Hope your feeling & doing better now that your home.

    And that's just ridiculous about your food. I was be so mad! How could they not know that kind of information pretty sure your not the only one lactose intolerant.

    1. It was nice to have a handful of amazing nurses. I don't know how they do the jobs they do! The food situation was definitely hard... thankfully Kev made food runs and a good friend brought dinner to us one night. I did get some stitches, but it's worth it for me, personally, because it helped Linc get here faster without a C-section.


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