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Monday, June 16, 2014

The story of the due date that was correct, part III

Since the wheels were finally in motion, I felt normal again... like I could actually have some control over my life once more! I was no longer at the mercy of uncertainty! I told Aspen it was time to get ready for her cousin sleepover and she pretty much flipped out. She had been looking forward to staying at their house ever since I mentioned the possibility months ago. I figured it was better to tell her about it really early on rather than to spring it on her and have her be nervous about it. Since she had so much time to look forward to it she wasn't scared to go by herself for a number of days away from us (for the first time!).

Over the next two hours I got things ready for the hospital. I finally packed a bag for myself/the baby and for Aspen. I even packed a bag for the dog for her stay at my brother's. After Anna took Aspen home with her, I took a little while to sit and time contractions so I'd have some updated information to give when I checked in at the hospital. Kev came home from work and had some dinner while I had a tiny bit of yogurt just in case I couldn't eat again for days. We finally headed to the hospital around 615, leaving the Maddie-dog at our house so Seth could pick her up at his convenience after work and church meetings.

When I waddled in to labor and delivery I had the biggest smile on my face while waiting for Kev to park the car. I took a minute to call my parents and let them know I was going in for what I hoped was the real deal. With the two-hour time difference, I wanted them to know I was hoping to have the baby that night, but I'd let them know in the morning so as not to wake them super-late their time. Little did I know my step-dad was so tired that he kind of told my mom very casually much later in the evening that I had gone into the hospital a couple of hours before.

We got checked in and I apparently was too cheery for some of the staff to take me seriously. My nurse told me later they couldn't believe how quickly everything progressed that night.

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  1. You're killing me! I read all 3 parts at once and now I want to know the rest! Lol!!
    We are SO happy for you and hope everything is going well now that you're back home! Can't wait to meet Lincoln in person, hopefully soon!

    1. Things are going really well so far, definitely much better for me than the first time around.

  2. Matt didn't believe I was in labor when I had Anabelle. I was so happy to finally get her out of me that I was chatting up a storm on the way to the hospital, the complete opposite of when I had Beckett. I didn't want anyone to talk to me or touch me the first time around. It is amazing how happy we are to get that baby OUT


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