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Friday, June 27, 2014

Two weeks in

I'm surprised at how well I made it through the last two weeks. It wasn't until yesterday that things started getting sketchy.

But the things that are stressing me are normal... like how it seems every time someone needs to come to our house, Linc is screaming to be nursed. So I have to hold him and attempt (unsuccessfully) to soothe him otherwise while company comes and goes. And Aspen is sick and throwing up today, so I'm trying to care for her without covering Linc with her germs. And since he's only happy today while being nursed and won't nap very much, it has been verrrrry tricky.

Linc sleeps pretty well at night, though, so I'm not as tired as I remember being when Aspen was a newborn. He often goes to bed at 10p for four hours, and then only wakes once in the night or early morning since he's already almost nine freakin pounds (so take THAT pediatrician-on-call-at-the-hospital-when-he-was-born) and obviously doing okay when it comes to nutrition.

It's funny that Aspen would catch a stomach bug, though, just because I was recently recalling how lovely it was when Kev and I got the flu after she was born. We were like zombies and I've been paranoid that it would hit us again this time around. Hopefully we can soldier through it unscathed so we have the energy to take care of two kids.

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  1. Thanks for letting me visit!

  2. He is adorable, love that picture. Two weeks already, wow. I hope Aspen has a quick recovery & you guys have energy to take care of everyone. Moms especially shouldn't be allowed to get sick while taking care of kids. We all just got over colds no bueno!


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