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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Aspen's Fourth Birthday

When I found out I was pregnant and the baby would be born in June, I automatically decided Aspen would not have another huge backyard birthday party. While I think it's a lot of fun to plan and execute a kid's party, I didn't want to overwhelm myself with a newborn.

But since we are planning to have family in town for Lincoln's blessing, I decided we'd combine the blessing day celebrations with some belated birthday celebrations for Aspen. At first, when I told Aspen she'd be having two little parties, she threw a fit and resisted because she thought that meant she would turn four, and then a week later she would turn five at the second little party. In case you aren't aware, Aspen is suffering from severe Peter Pan complex at this stage in her life.

I reassured Aspen she would only turn four and then she would stay four the following week, so she decided two parties would be okay. Ever since her Rainbow Dash party last year, she has been saying this party will be a Fluttershy party. There really isn't a whole lot of Fluttershy-themed party supplies out there, so on Aspen's real birthday (last Sunday) I just hung Fluttershy-colored streamers from her door. Aspen had picked out some pony d├ęcor from the party store and we'll use that on the blessing day to help emphasize her theme (she cracks me up).

On Saturday night Kev ended up being called in to work and he didn't get home until five in the morning. I ended up being up  most of the early-morning hours with the baby so I think Kev and I each got about three hours of sleep before Aspen awoke.

I let Kev sleep in while I made Aspen chocolate chip pancakes and let her open a present. GG sent some scotch tape because Aspen has been using it up like it's going out of style! I managed to find blue Cars at the last minute because although the party was supposed to be Fluttershy-themed, all she wanted was to increase her collection of blue-colored matchbox cars.

Eventually we got Daddy up and we got ready for church. I'm actually relieved we had church because it meant Kev and I could still be tired, but for a couple of hours someone else would entertain our birthday girl. So many friends wished Aspen a happy day, and they sang to her in primary. Her teachers stopped by after church to give her a gift and then her Uncle Seth came over for our teeny tiny party.

Since I had told Aspen we'd do more presents and the cupcakes when Seth arrived, she immediately sat at the table and started unwrapping after we took our family photos. Girlfriend had an agenda!

Seth brought Aspen an awesome Play-Doh kit that makes cupcakes. They had fun playing with that while I got the BBQ ready. After Aspen opened all the tape from her GG, she asked me why that was all she sent. I explained that I thought she could use all the tape for her art projects, and it could be just hers. Aspen's response? "What a sweet Grandma!"

Now, since we're having two parties only a week apart, I decided not to make two cakes, or to bake cupcakes and a cake or whatever. not only is it way too hot to bake that much, but there is no way we'd be able to enjoy all that chocolate goodness.

When I took Maddie to get her nails done on Saturday, I planned to stop at the Target bakery and pick up some cute cupcakes or a small cake or some donuts or something for Aspen's birthday. But then I got to the PetCo and realized the Target next door does not have a bakery. So... I bought a box of Hostess cupcakes! Classy. I just couldn't stand the thought of going to another store, plus I didn't want to drag the doggie along with me. I was lucky her groomer is so sweet and offered to keep Maddie a little longer (so I didnt' have to leave her in the car) while I shopped at Target. Besides, Aspen doesn't care what kind of cupcakes she eats as long as she gets them!

She had a great birthday playing cars all afternoon and spending time with "they boys" (her dad and uncle). I'm glad that although I was extremely sleep-deprived we all still had a good day! I'm not going to lie, though, I was super-relieved when Aspen and Lincoln were finally in bed and I could sleep for a couple of hours.

This weekend we'll be spoiling Aspen with a pool day when my parents are in town, and then Sophia arrives from Mexico for a few days so that is basically the best present ever. I'm glad there will be so much to do and that most of my family will be here to give Aspen the extra attention she deserves.


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