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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Best friends forever

I'm such a control freak that I forget Aspen can help me. I mean, she is always running and grabbing something for me, or feeding the dog for me, or doing something for herself while I hold the boy... but I realized this week there's more she can do. She can get her brother to sleep! Sometimes I need a reminder that someone else can do these kinds of things for Lincoln. I don't always have to be the one feeding/burping/swaddling/soothing/bathing/etc...

After a long, adventurous day with only one significant nap, Lincoln was tuckered out upon returning home. He was fussy and yet Aspen still asked to hold him. So I plopped Linc on her lap and showed her how perfectly her finger will fit in his binky, making it more appealing for him to suck on. She tenderly held that in his mouth while watching her show and he conked right out. It was too cute.

I love how much she loves her brother and I'm so glad she still wants to help all the time. I guess when your sleep schedule isn't interrupted, it's easy to think babies are the best thing ever.

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