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Wednesday, July 02, 2014


The day I got home from the hospital, I noticed that a flower had opened up on one of my hollyhock plants. It was a wonderful welcome. I have loved seeing my plants flourish this spring and I'm especially glad these hollyhocks are thriving. They remind me of Ogden and I look forward to this corner of the yard being overrun with these tall, flowering lovelies in the years to come. Aspen's sun flower is doing pretty well, too, and I know she's thrilled that at least one of them survived. Hopefully it'll bloom soon, too.

I planted two different varieties of hollyhocks, and only two have opened (the same variety) but they're surprisingly different colors! Yea!

I will always have to eat humble pie when I look at my lavender because Kev is the one who convinced me to be patient and wait to see what kind of plant it might be. He's usually right about these kinds of things so I've learned to trust him. The bumblebees and butterflies are pretty pleased, too. It's so nice to take care of the flower garden while no longer pregnant; weeding is so much easier without a giant stomach in the way!

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