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Monday, July 07, 2014

Fourth of July

It was approximately 80 degrees the morning of the fourth, but Aspen, Lincoln and I braved the great outdoors anyway. We headed to the park with the trike and the stroller and tried to enjoy being in the sunshine... even though it was almost too hot to breathe.

Linc wasn't in the mood to relax, so I did laps around the playground while Aspen tried out all the slides. Kev was at home diligently working on the master bedroom closet so we just wanted to try giving him some uninterrupted time. It's awfully hard to paint a small space when there's a toddler underfoot. Imagine that!

It bothers Kev that Aspen has never seen fireworks... she has always slept right through them. Even in Ogden when we lived close enough to the rodeo grounds to view the fireworks from our backyard. I'm just an ogre who values sleep (mine) too much! But I think for Pioneer Day we'll let Aspen stay up and enjoy a fireworks show if she'd like. Sometimes she's so sensitive to noise that I've never thought fireworks would be a great idea, especially if we have to fight traffic to get there and then end up stuck if she doesn't like it. Kev had to work the night of the fourth, so there was no way I was going to try juggling two kids and a fireworks show by myself. We ended up going to Seth's just to have pizza and bug him while he painted his new bathroom. It was a nice, low-key evening and I'm glad we had someone to hang out with who has central air :).

I'm so ready for fireworks season to conclude, though, because the dog has been on edge all month. She's not a fan of the fireworks and as much as I try to sympathize with her, it's getting extremely annoying to constantly have her underfoot as she attempts to hide in my pocket or something. One of these days I just know I'm going to trip over her while holding the boy.

Maybe when the closet's finished she'll find a satisfactory hiding spot in there!

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