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Thursday, July 31, 2014

It's your lucky day - master bedroom progress

As I hoped, it has been so much fun to basically unpack my house all over again. With the master closet finished, I was able to get all the junk out of the guest room (which looks nothing like it did a year ago) and put it back together again. I also noticed a bookshelf that's been in the storage room all this time, and realized I had the perfect spot for it in the master bedroom.

It's a very old shelf we've had for years, which Kev used to hold clothes in the Pink House. When I suggested pulling it upstairs, Kev asked what color I wanted him to paint it. Apparently he has a surplus of spray paint and he's trigger happy. He sprayed it black while I was out running errands one morning, and then he put it upstairs for me.

That Kev sure is a swell guy. The shelf was just brown before, but now it's a fresh, clean black. I think some of the embellishments might have been brass or gold, and I do like that it's streamlined now. But he knew it was ugly and just wanted to pretty it up for me.

I moved most of my books from the living room shelves so we can consolidate some of the other media we have in that room. Another small shelf was put in our bedroom to house some of Kev's books so now I have a completely empty shelf in the living area that can go away, freeing up the space in there both physically and visually.

It may seem a little messy-looking to some, but I personally love having my books stuffed in here. It's so satisfying to see all the different titles and genres and colors squished together. And perhaps more importantly, forcing the books to fit in this little shelf means there's one less piece of unused furniture in the storage room. Hooray!

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