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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

It's your lucky day - nursery reveal

We did it! We finished another room in our house! I can't believe it. And it's such an important room, too. I spend a lot of time in here and it's so much more enjoyable now that it's put together.

I love sitting in that red chair, looking out the window and around the room. I love how the wall decals catch the light and change color. I love how the polka dot mobile blows in the wind (of the swamp cooler, ha!).
I love that I decided to paint the changing table, and then I actually did it. I love that Daedree let us borrow that humungous swing and that it really helps with Linc's nightly crying fits. I love how tiny that IKEA wardrobe is, and that it's now fully-stocked with adorable, folded onesies.

Most importantly, I love that fat baby (he was 12 pounds at 6 weeks!!). He's been sleeping in his room now for about a week and the transition has been so smooth. He still gets up often and sometimes won't go back to sleep in the 4am hour, but that's just what babies do. His blackout curtains arrived last week and they'll be going up soon (I also ordered some for my bedroom because, hello?! Sleep, please.).


I love that the pompoms I've been hoarding holding on to since Aspen's baby shower four years ago now have a permanent place on Linc's walls. In fact, I've been able to reuse a lot of elements from Aspen's childhood and it makes carting those items around for ages totally worth it.

When I took the broken piece of Linc's wardrobe back to IKEA I purchased the last of the frames I think I need for this space. And on Friday night I even went so far as to lay out all the art and attempt some arrangements. But then I realized I was way too tired so I put everything away again and haven't thought much about it since.

Good thing Linc's a baby and couldn't care less.

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  1. Yay for another room being done. I love how it turned out. And the little wardrobe is pretty darn cute. Ok so where did you order black out curtains from? I've thought about them for the kids room.

    1. Last year Aspen picked out blue curtains from WalMart. I would've preferred another color, but hey, they're getting the job done. They sell the blackout curtains in a lot of styles in store and online. They're VERY nice to have.


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