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Friday, July 11, 2014

Letters to Lincoln, month 1


A month! WOW! I cannot believe how different this month has been for me compared to my first month with Aspen. She definitely prepared me to do this better a second time around.

From the start, you and I had an opportunity that Aspen and I did not have; we were able to work on breastfeeding immediately. As a result, it was a lot easier a lot sooner. You nurse for longer, and then you sleep for longer. Much much much longer than I expected. That means we're all a lot happier around here than I thought we'd be because I'm actually getting more than one-hour stretches of sleep at night.

You're a pretty nice little person, and I enjoy having you in our family so much. Aspen just adores you and she's always asking where you are (remember, you sleep a lot). She always wants to touch you and look at you and sit right next to us (or on my lap) while you nurse. She calls you "hon" and is constantly saying "He's so cute!" I hope you guys won't get sick of each other too soon!

In the beginning, you were only fussy at diaper changes and around dinner time. We held off on the use of the binky because I remember having to replace it in Aspen's mouth constantly while she slept and it made me bonkers. It's so nice that you'll go back to sleep at night after a feeding without too much work (usually). I feel so much more rested and functional than I ever remember feeling the first time around. Which is great since Aspen almost never occupies herself long enough during the day for me to take a nap. Your sister actually told me I can take a nap in the Fall when she goes to preschool. Isn't she so considerate?

I'm sorry to continually compare you to your sister, but I'm simply amazed at how much easier your newborn-ness is to for me to handle. I know you're two very different people, and that I am a much different person now than I was when your sister was born. I just can't get over how much better I'm doing and I'm grateful that your easy-going personality is part of that. I know it's also simply the fact that I know more of what I'm doing this time around, too.

You did great gaining weight this month, despite all the crap the nurses and on-call pediatrician gave me at the hospital. We took you in to the regular pediatrician five days after you were born and you were only half an ounce away from your birth weight of 8 pounds. At your two-week checkup, you were already 8lbs 11oz. By three weeks (when we had you circumcised) you were 9lbs 10oz. So we're doing mighty fine with breastfeeding.

Although, I feel super-stressed when you need to cluster-feed. It's always right during the dinner/bath/bedtime routine for Aspen and I can only do so many things at once while nursing. There are a lot of nights Aspen gets to stay up a little late (until Dad gets home) because I just can't feed you and get her ready for bed at the same time. She's probably pretty happy about that, though. So other than feeling like I'm constantly feeding you for five straight hours every evening, we're an awesome breastfeeding team.

When Aspen was born, I did not feel like I was immediately in love with this new, demanding baby person. I never felt like she slipped easily into the routine of our lives or that I was instinctively good at parenting. It was such a huge change for us to suddenly have a baby. But with you, all of us have adjusted so quickly and easily. The transition to two kids has been so much easier than I anticipated. It doesn't hurt that Aspen isn't phased by your screaming, and she's willing to hold a binky in your mouth for a few minutes at a time when I just need to finish up something before I can get you. She's such a huge helper for me and I'm so grateful.

We're all pretty thrilled you've come, Linc. Now just keep growing up, okay? Aspen is really impatient for you to be three like her.


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  1. Oh my, that last line was my favorite! Aspen is a riot, and Mr. Lincoln is quite the cutie! Glad to hear round 2 is going so much smoother!

    1. Thanks! She thinks he'll be in Sunbeams with her and preschool and dance class... I haven't told her she'll be almost 7 when he's finally 3!

  2. I'm so glad things are going so well. Your a pro at two kids ;) isn't it nice having an older helper. Bailee has to put Bentleys binky for me a lot when we are driving in the car. That's great he's gaining so much weight! And I do the same I've compared all three kids even though like you mentioned they are all different and have their own personalities. I think it's kinda hard not to but interesting to see as well.

  3. Oh man, I wish Aspen's and Lincoln's car seats would fit next to each other in my car! She can't reach to stuff the binky when we're driving and it's unpleasant to listen to all that screaming.

  4. He is such a handsome little guy. So glad to hear things are going more smoothly for you this time.


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