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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lincoln Penny

When Aspen was born, I purchased this penny bracelet from Kelly Sansom's Etsy shop. I had her customize it to read "LOVE" on the penny rather than "LUCK" because I knew Penny would be one of Aspen's nicknames.

When Lincoln was born, I realized this bracelet would serve as a tribute to him, too. Abraham Lincoln's likeness is on the penny and while Linc is not named after the late US president, it works! I know my parents sometimes refer to him as Babe Lincoln, so there's that, too.

In case you're wondering, Lincoln is a name we picked out when we were dating and thought we'd have four children- Aspen, Logan, Sydney and Lincoln. We didn't plan on city names, but it worked out like that. Shortly after Aspen was born, Kev's sister had a boy and named him Logan, so we moved on to the next boy name on our list. Kev was born in Lincoln, Nebraska and lived there part of his childhood so it has a special meaning for us beyond just being a name we like.

As we discussed name combinations for Lincoln, Kev randomly asked me one evening how I felt about the name Monty. I practically jumped off the couch and yelled that I loved it, but only because it would be short for Montgomery (my favorite author). I'm so relieved we had a boy because to this day I have no idea how Kev and I would have settled on a name for another girl (Sydney is the girl name that I'm no longer in love with, although Kev still prefers it). So little Linc has quite the moniker... But I'm sure he'll eventually grow into it.

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  1. Lol! Sorry! I had no idea you guys liked the name Logan. We chose it because it ended in -an like Nolan, and Aidan. LOVE the name Lincoln though, it's so cute! So I guess I'm glad I used Logan. :)
    The bracelet is so pretty, and it's neat how it worked out to be a tribute for both kids.

    1. There was a girl in my old neighborhood who used the name Logan for the same reason! I'm really ok that we used Lincoln, so don't apologize. It's all good!


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