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Monday, July 28, 2014

Pioneer Day

We accidentally had a pretty awesome Pioneer Day. I didn't make any plans because I didn't know if Kev would be home from work, and I didn't want to attempt any adventures by myself with both kids. Linc still likes to scream a lot throughout the day so I feel less stressed just staying home with his cries.

Kev did end up having the day off, and he was able to install the baseboard in our walk-in closet so it is officially done! While he worked, Linc did nap fabulously all day so I took both kids to Target. I was almost done with my grocery shopping when I realized I'd forgotten something and had to trek all the way across the store again. It's a good thing, though, because once we returned to the grocery section, four princesses came walking around a corner.

Now, Aspen is not super into princesses, but she at least knows who they are. She doesn't watch princess movies and she doesn't often play with her little princess figurines. She does, however, love to dress up and wear her crown and pretend she is a princess. When she saw these four girls, she got so shy but still wanted to look at them. They asked her name and she refused to answer. They asked if she wanted a picture and she almost disappeared into the floor. I managed to get Aspen out of the cart though and snapped a pic with my phone before another throng of little girls approached.

when we got home, Aspen immediately went through all her dress ups and decided she would be called Princess Aspen the rest of the day.

We went to Seth's for a BBQ and he gave Aspen a big bowl of rice to play with on the living room floor. She promptly dumped it on to the carpet and I was like AHHHH until Seth rolled his eyes and told me not to worry about it. Oh how I love my brother's house. I did get her a cookie sheet in an attempt to keep it off the floor buuut... that obviously didn't work so well.

While we waited for Kev to arrive after dinner, we walked around the block a couple of times with the kids and checked out the community garden in Seth's neighborhood. It's so funny how something so simple is such a blast for Aspen. She loved being pushed around the neighborhood in her princess outfit.

I had intended to buy sparklers while at the store, but I got so distracted by the princesses I forgot. So we missed our last chance to finally expose Aspen to some sort of fireworks this year. She'll have plenty of other opportunities to light things on fire so I'm not too concerned about it. Besides, I'm really over this month full of explosions.

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  1. Oh my goodness, this picture of Aspen with the princesses kills me!! I'm glad your holiday was good!


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